Dark October

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe the fact I feel lonely, despite people surrounding me. I look at the window, the days are grey and dark, they are not helping at all. My body relaxes in my yoga mornings but my heart is getting smaller day by day. I ask for harmony, for wisdom. I pray for being found. I pray for been kept in someone’s heart, someone wiser than me, who can absolutely understand the daemonical me. A friend tells me that maybe I am a part of this special race of people born to be alone, or who are attached to just one person in his whole life. That sounds tragically romantic and absolutely inaccurate for me… I guess. I resist believing that I was for someone… who already passed. Because that it is what makes me crazy: the thought that I was so distracted I couldn’t get him. So I keep my eyes open, my heart pumping, my brain smart. Just to find him.

Meanwhile, I write in pajamas my future, I dream in color, I love even if they don’t care. I keep being the stubborn woman who can’t help to be intense, who can keep people’s dreams in her soul.

Blessed us, who have to keep our spirits high because we can’t afford falling down…

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