To my friends

Via Free Images.

My chosen family: we match like those predestined lovers of some story, in which heroes and heroines feel that internal fire that holds them together. Distance, years and divergent paths make our relationship temporary, sometimes. Nonetheless, this does not exempt you from transcending. You arrived with the accurate message (although it annoys me), smiling high, with the proper gesture, although you stayed very little with me; even when you are still here (against all odds!). I owe my survival to you , and I complain undeviatingly when you do not look for me in the same way.

We were born alone and we will depart likewise, but meanwhile, we will not be never lonely, (if we want to). Still there you are, waiting for me. I need you to clarify myself, to raise me up, to have the courage to pursue my dreams. Because, wherever we are, there will always be someone who will think of us, absolutely convinced that we are valuable beings. Blessed lessons that I receive from all of you, friends. Thank you for giving/having given me your friendship through all this time and life journey. You are always in my soul.

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