Wisdom and opportunity

Wisdom & opportunity.

I guess this is, by far, one of the most challenging times since my arrival in Canada. I am struggling to fit in this geek city, Montreal. It seems that, despite my three languages, my professional and personal experience, and my proactivity, the surviving is requiring more than preparation and the right attitude. It requires opportunities.

Wisdom says that I must be aware of those opportunities, but instinct also says that wisdom needs to understand when to talk or remind silence; when to jump joyfully or stay calm. Wisdom is healing her multiple bounds since last year because she knows this is a jungle where only the aptest will survive, and she is tender, kind, and spiritual one. What a problem we have.

Opportunities will come, so as people who will bring them. I expect that those souls will be capable of seeing my real face and help me to change their lives. There are already changing mine.

So many stories to tell, at the right time, I promise. Keep you posted.

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