It was yesterday

It was yesterday when I just left the baby bottle, for a plastic cup, that my mother washed poorly, and it tasted like a thousand previous drinks.
It was yesterday when he played that song in the garden of my house, falling in love with me.
It was yesterday when I looked at the results of that university exam, without clearly understanding what I was getting into.
Yesterday still, when that woman stuck at the window, the result of the Canadian visa, and it remains one of the best days of my life.
Yesterday was also the day when I started to cry, I stay, lying on that uncomfortable bed that was not mine.
It was yesterday that last day of all those jobs, the ones I didn’t like, and the ones I enjoyed.
It was yesterday, always yesterday, the next day of all those love relationships that did not result, of those who left me or I left them, those who forgot me or I simply decided to ignore them and never answer them again.
Yesterday was the last Sunday in Lima, in Qu├ębec, it was the last day in any place I was, and I am now gone.
Everything seems dreadfully recent, and yet everything is far away. My sense of time betrays me before others, making them believe that I grow old, but not. Oh surprise, the mirror says it too. I just hope they don’t realize that they are facing a 12-year-old teenager who struggles to survive in this world. She still doesn’t understand anything, learning painfully not to repeat her own mistakes, and sometimes keeps dreaming with all the ghosts of everyone who preceded her in this world, but not here anymore.