Photo by Arjen Doting from FreeImages 

For some time, long before the world situation changed to the point of confining ourselves to our homes, I have been in Carpe Diem mode. Maybe I am already reaching an age where some things stop meaning, and others become a priority. I, too, as do many people who are asked about the situation, I cannot speak with a “us,” but from my shore, my personal experience, in this solitary confinement like everyone.

This act of forced silence and retirement had started since I left my parental home, that first night when the darkness scared me in a strange land. This current confinement simply seems like a fantastic chapter in a not-so-unusual-but-at-least-entertaining life, which has started almost ten years ago but is not yet going to end. Or at least, I don’t want to think about it, for mental health.

Because, among my priorities, I keep planning my week, not the rest of my life. “We’ll see how it goes” has been, for a time now, my mantra; Despite having big plans; and same as that character in a movie which was asked about how he would go about achieving those goals: “I don’t know, it’s a mystery.”

It seems that I have not the slightest idea if I wake up tomorrow (I hope so) if next week I will continue to have a job (I hope so) if I will see my family in Peru again (I hope so). I just cling to my pleasant disposition that sometimes breaks and explodes in tears, that sticks to some french fries with mayo and my own resilience that amazes me. Above all, curiosity to see how Dreammy (and all of you, of course) will come out of it. Maybe in the next episode.

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