I am Sara C. Pautrat. I define myself as a  Curious PRO, or what many know as a “Generalist Project Manager” for the digital area. Dreampicker is my digital brand since 2009.

My training began with Art, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, reaching the realization of Advertising pieces, Corporate Communications, Digital Strategy and Cultural Journalism; I can afford to jump through various disciplines and, above all, envision what corporate and end customers want.

My professional career has included three advertising agencies, two in Peru and one in Canada. In both countries, I have been fortunate to coordinate the agency’s administration, manage digital projects of various calibre, recruit professionals, train personnel who serve customer service and do guerrilla marketing, long before that name was given.
I have experience in Branding, and corporate image ranges from a university to a Peruvian government body and non-profit organizations, both in Peru and Canada.

I also have experience as a Content Manager, from the research process to the development and the management of calendars and writers. I have been on both sides as I have created editorial fund projects and edited publications. I have some publications and have been a columnist for a newspaper.

Thanks to my art studies, I have done illustrations for various publications in my country of origin. As a painter, I have exhibited in the most important galleries in Peru. My style is distinctive and immediately distinguishable. My illustration technique is traditional but with digital retouching.

As I have studied in Audiovisual Communication, I have dabbled in the video blog and podcast, without any problem. I enjoy doing it because I love learning. You will not find someone else motivated to do so.

What do you need?

A professional, efficient and practical person who can see “outside the box” and solves organizational problems because her career has taught her to always provide solutions. Me.

A professional who manages your projects without the need to be continuously controlled can give you results and who can propose new projects when the time comes—my motto.

A professional who inspires your team with enthusiasm to carry out their tasks and improves the work environment. So me.

A consultancy for your most delusional creative projects, which integrate multiple disciplines. Absolutely me.

How to contact me?

Very easy. You can write to me at sara@dreampicker.ca or stop by and leave me a message on my Linkedin account.  Let’s talk without a problem; I speak English, French and Spanish.