Leaving some dreams away

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An average night, at some average week
on an average year
-Let me be clear, this is a year
full of epiphanies-
where I realize
I’m in the wrong timeline.

In some other reality, another one,
another like me,
has known you -younger-
she has inhaled the smell of your neck,
maybe -I’m not sure-
has given birth the fruits
of your seed.

You may have turned, once,
in some street
and you will have met her
with her transparent clear eyes,
you may have kissed her like
someone who does not want
break a spell,
You will have embraced her
with the intention that
being eternal

I know, only death is
but, next to her,
and with her,
you will have found
of your purpose,
your place in the damn universe.

I believe it sincerely,
that in some other reality,
You are with me since…
… my own spring,
fighting all the wars by my side,
Learning together how to rock the world.

Because it’s obvious,
that you never appeared here,
no matter how hard was my search,
and all the spells I invocated,
all of them full of decapitated saints
hanging on the cots
from several cities in my time-space.

Maybe it’s time
to leave the fucking hope
in the seat of a forgotten bus
and rising gracefully, getting out of this dream.

( 11:30 pm. May 2th, 2019)

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We are Pop

We are Pop
dentro de nuestros sueños,
walking silently to pray again,
por cada una de nuestras fallas,
feeling we are near
al éxito.

We are Pop.
Rodeados de technicolor,
in a way to seek this dream
éste sueño afiebrado
in two languages
-parfois trois-
esparciendo pistas
like breadcrumbs for each other
con la esperanza
the hidden hope
de encontrarnos
at least.

(March 9th 2019)

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To my friends

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My chosen family: we match like those predestined lovers of some story, in which heroes and heroines feel that internal fire that holds them together. Distance, years and divergent paths make our relationship temporary, sometimes. Nonetheless, this does not exempt you from transcending. You arrived with the accurate message (although it annoys me), smiling high, with the proper gesture, although you stayed very little with me; even when you are still here (against all odds!). I owe my survival to you , and I complain undeviatingly when you do not look for me in the same way.

We were born alone and we will depart likewise, but meanwhile, we will not be never lonely, (if we want to). Still there you are, waiting for me. I need you to clarify myself, to raise me up, to have the courage to pursue my dreams. Because, wherever we are, there will always be someone who will think of us, absolutely convinced that we are valuable beings. Blessed lessons that I receive from all of you, friends. Thank you for giving/having given me your friendship through all this time and life journey. You are always in my soul.

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November in the cold



Well, snow arrived faster than expected, at least for me. At least in my mind, because my body noticed it: my rosacea keeps telling me when the weather changes in advance. So, my face is a red and itchy/painful reminder than #WinterIsComing. It is my mind who never notices anything. Nor when people like me (not bad) nor when they dislike me (that is really bad indeed). For heaven’s sake, sent me an announce next time, because I am busy trying to survive in this crazy geek city, instead of reading your feelings, people. I feel like a warrior today, despite the loneliness, the sickness and the probably sad holidays coming. What a year.

Or maybe I know nothing, Sara Snow.

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Dark October

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe the fact I feel lonely, despite people surrounding me. I look at the window, the days are grey and dark, they are not helping at all. My body relaxes in my yoga mornings but my heart is getting smaller day by day. I ask for harmony, for wisdom. I pray for being found. I pray for been kept in someone’s heart, someone wiser than me, who can absolutely understand the daemonical me. A friend tells me that maybe I am a part of this special race of people born to be alone, or who are attached to just one person in his whole life. That sounds tragically romantic and absolutely inaccurate for me… I guess. I resist believing that I was for someone… who already passed. Because that it is what makes me crazy: the thought that I was so distracted I couldn’t get him. So I keep my eyes open, my heart pumping, my brain smart. Just to find him.

Meanwhile, I write in pajamas my future, I dream in color, I love even if they don’t care. I keep being the stubborn woman who can’t help to be intense, who can keep people’s dreams in her soul.

Blessed us, who have to keep our spirits high because we can’t afford falling down…

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I just came home to write to you

I have to give you my poor universe in a few lines, squeezing that sadness, my usual sadness, that lives all the time with me.

Of course, you will not learn anything, there, from your indolent perfection, away from me.

“Every time is different” I always say, highlighting the surprise of finding a rare pearl in my dinner. . .

But this time, you pushed my door open,
just dressed up with your supernatural smile;
reading me fully,
stamping your name and your taste on my lips,
like nothing,
as if there was only me in your arms,

Then, from the top of your sky, you make me die.

You did not know me, but you saw me there hidden,
you saw my determination in fighting battles every second, while you being indifferent to my furies,
you were surrounding them, while I was staying just there, in front of you.

This delicate work of filigree has made me your apostle,
cursed me for others,
it has completely lost me.

That is why,
while I was falling into that abyss you had prepared for me,
I could only look enraptured, how my star,
like a seal of fire,
was shining on your skin.

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Searching for a job as an immigrant in another country

I live in the Quebec region, Canada, since 2011. I spent five years in the Capitale Nationale and now I live in the metropolitan region of the second French-speaking city in the world, Montréal.

I have 6 resumes. They are all mine. They go like this:

  1. General, in English.
  2. General, in French.
  3. For positions in Social Media Management, in English.
  4. For positions in Social Media Management, in French.
  5. For positions in Digital Project Management in English.
  6. For positions in Digital Project Management in French.

Because the job search in a Canadian bilingual region is like that.  Just a single resume in just one language is not enough. You must have it in the two that this region speaks of, especially if you live in Montréal. Just to get started! Then, if you have specialized in two disciplines, or you are looking for employment in two fields, then you have to highlight the experience in each of those fields. Since I do digital MKT and digital projects, then I have to do 2 versions of each one.

… Without counting on your Plan B, which is the “surviving resume”, that you use to get a job “for while” and it also has to have a version in each language, just a single page, because baking muffins and cleaning tables don’t need much about your academic skills. I’m not urged for this one, happily.

The things to consider, essential in the Canadian resume: that your information is correctly written, that the text is IMPECCABLE and that above, does not exceed 3 pages. That does not mean that you stay calm with those documents. You will have to adapt them to the demands of the work proposal, trying to make it an exact match, sometimes “literal” so that the filters of the recruitment systems (yes, automated) could catch the keywords of your resume. It means that there will be times I will have to modify them, if necessary, depending on what the company I want to apply for seeks.

Of course, we must add the famous Canadian-Québécois motivation letter. If you are already versed in both languages, you can afford to modify it without problems, adding information that may be relevant to the employer. If not, you have to check a thousand times before sending it, with the minimal modifications to a template that puts you on nerves, because you know that if there is only one lack of writing (especially if you are in COM) you will be discarded in one.

“Oh yeah, I want to go to Canada too” “Oh yes,  I bet you are having a great time there”

There has not been a single day of work in which I have not earned every dollar with the sweat of my brow and the burning of my neurons. I have worked much more and left on the field than I did in Peru. But I have never felt more proud of my achievements and although sometimes things do not go as expected, and looking back only gives me more momentum to get ahead. It gives me the claw to jump higher.

Because being an immigrant is living the challenges daily. Challenges that range from the simple aspect of having to express yourself in a foreign language (or languages, as in this region), understand a sometimes disconcerting culture and have to prove that you are twice as good to have an opportunity to shine. It is hard, it is every day, but it is what we do, with a smile, with gratitude, with our eyes wide open. We have come here to learn.

During this experience, you know many people whose job will be to block you from jumping. They will tell you that YOU CAN NOT. Let them look at you, because YES YOU CAN. I repeat:  YES, YOU CAN.

It is not pure  “Monday Motivation”, useful when you do not want to get up. It is the hard truth if you need to believe it and above all, if you want to live it.

Let each Monday be a day when you make the resolution to do something new with your life. Nobody can’t stop you! Not even if you have to do 6 CV and 2 letters in languages that are alien to you, although everything seems complicated, even if you feel tired, even if they have made you doubt your own professional abilities. You have come from afar, you are living the adventure of your life! You have taken the great step of leaving your comfort zone, you do it every day when you leave your house, and you face a society that sometimes does not want you to be here!… Keep in mind that we are many in the same trance, as I do now since I decided to come to Canada.

Come on, get up today and shine. Do it, feel powerful. Just go.

Published here on September 24th, 2018.

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It would be worth


I absolutely love this song. I decided to translate it with a hidden intention, of course: to make someone dream. Because I am Dreampicker, I pick up dreams everywhere, especially from people I really appreciate. Enjoy the trip.

It would be worth it if you went through my life,
that you had the audacity to let me love you;

It would be worth sharing that beauty,
that you lost your head, how to explain it;

It would be worth it if you put together the courage,
because there is no other journey than the one that goes to your heart
that destiny caught at your waist, that madness,
it would be worth it;

(It would be worth it) if we spend the night deciphering our eyes,
the feeling that sweet is powerful;

It would be worth it if you lost your sanity,
that you forgot the moderation, it would be worth it;

(It would be worth it) spend the life given ourselves to the sweetness,
time plays against the heart that doubts;

how to explain to you joy and tenderness,
if you do not try the adventure,
it would be worth it…

It would be worth it if you lost your sanity,
that you forgot the moderation, it would be worth it,
(It would be worth it) spend the life given ourselves to the sweetness,
time plays against the heart that doubts,
how to explain to you joy and tenderness,
if you do not try the adventure,
it would be worth it…

It would be worth it…

Original lyrics here.

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Some time ago, in a meeting with the COM counselor, we struggled in finding new ideas for our next web strategy. Our main problem was the shortage of information related to our business in the language we are working in here, which is French. We were once advised that it may cause some discomfort in our community if we decided to share the information in any other language than French. It is, sometimes, a sensitive subject (we are in Québec, Canada), they say.  But the lack of themes was so real and we were searching for some other ways of get a grip of those special topics that were only for specialists, and are vulgarised and sometimes only available in English. So we decided, after an analysis of our target, to go ahead with sharing those contents, even if they were not in French.

We noticed a change in our «target», where young users interact more, are always connected and have the asset of a second language.

If you believe that applies to you or if you wish to improve your timeline, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Language: Does your target live in a bilingual country? Does it use another language? (Example: language learners, immigrant communities, etc.)
  • Target’s age range: Baby boomers or Millennials? Some groups use better a foreign or second language.
  • Exclusivity: Are you absolutely sure that you cannot find the information in the language in use? Sometimes you find good info before your competitor and you really want to be the first one in sharing it. (Example: special presentations or events, breaking news, etc.)
  • Popularize: Is the information easy to read? Will your target find it interesting?
  • Periodicity: How often are you considering sharing this information? Once a day? Once a week?
  • Comments at sharing: Only if you are able to write it correctly in that other language. If not, you may share it with comments in your own language.

This is not my first multilingual experience. I started sharing special content in different languages in social media at UCSS  in Peru, where students were able to read contents in Spanish, English and also Italian! (founders were Italians and this culture is so present there). At first some users were surprised but they later saw it as a nice improvement and a helpful way for them to keep practicing their foreign language reading skills. Now I’m also doing it on my fan page and another fan page to which I collaborate, Silla Ecléctica (The Eclectic Chair). So check it out: your target will thank your capacity finding and sharing the information in time.

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Contents, contents

Everybody talks about Content Marketing as a new thing: It is possible to deliver relevant information to your clients before your own material in order to provoke a special reaction from them. However, you may forget that the idea of sharing special content has been, for a long time, the way to display your own people’s talents. Who hasn’t read science popularisation magazines at least once? Who shares articles or studies made by their own members or guests? Those topics act as displays for a community who produces culture (and at last, as a philanthropic goal), contributing to the society.


I refuse to believe that there is some kind of business who is not able to use Content Marketing as a part of its COM strategy. Even more so if it wants to have a social media presence, which is quite essential these days. If you want to build communities of followers (the famous Engagement), you should go for the following:


  1. Holding the target. The “extra”, which is not necessarily tangible, makes them feel appreciated, for example: relevant information, action alerts, etc.
  2. Improving the image of the company among your clients. Why only talk to them about you? Your online presence will grow and so will your visibility.
  3. Becoming an entry point. Your company will become a source of relevant information for your target. Sharing pieces of information that would otherwise be complicated to find out by themselves will have them coming back for more.


It is obvious that establishing a Content Strategy deserves the involvement of a content curator. It means a person who understands the environment of the company, who identifies clearly their clients and who is able to translate all of this into themes that will be useful to them. However, a content curator is not a Community Manager (CM); he is just an enthusiastic researcher who can find attractive information to share with his community. Sure, a CM could be a curator (and that’s the reason why a background related to the main theme could be interesting but not mandatory, because it can also be obtained by training) or it may be possible to have several content curators who “feed” the line. They could be, at last, members of the staff with abilities for this kind of task. Perhaps in the future, organizational tendencies (some might be using it already) will help in developing this kind of spontaneous collaborators. Content Marketing is the proof that information is the weapon to attract your target to your products or services. Keep that in mind.

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