Leaving some dreams away

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An average night, at some average week
on an average year
-Let me be clear, this is a year
full of epiphanies-
where I realize
I’m in the wrong timeline.

In some other reality, another one,
another like me,
has known you -younger-
she has inhaled the smell of your neck,
maybe -I’m not sure-
has given birth the fruits
of your seed.

You may have turned, once,
in some street
and you will have met her
with her transparent clear eyes,
you may have kissed her like
someone who does not want
break a spell,
You will have embraced her
with the intention that
being eternal

I know, only death is
but, next to her,
and with her,
you will have found
of your purpose,
your place in the damn universe.

I believe it sincerely,
that in some other reality,
You are with me since…
… my own spring,
fighting all the wars by my side,
Learning together how to rock the world.

Because it’s obvious,
that you never appeared here,
no matter how hard was my search,
and all the spells I invocated,
all of them full of decapitated saints
hanging on the cots
from several cities in my time-space.

Maybe it’s time
to leave the fucking hope
in the seat of a forgotten bus
and rising gracefully, getting out of this dream.

( 11:30 pm. May 2th, 2019)

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We are Pop

We are Pop
dentro de nuestros sueños,
walking silently to pray again,
por cada una de nuestras fallas,
feeling we are near
al éxito.

We are Pop.
Rodeados de technicolor,
in a way to seek this dream
éste sueño afiebrado
in two languages
-parfois trois-
esparciendo pistas
like breadcrumbs for each other
con la esperanza
the hidden hope
de encontrarnos
at least.

(March 9th 2019)

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